Giant Therapod
(Giganotosaurus carolini)

This is the biggest carnivorous dinosaur discovered until now. For long time Tyrannosaurus Rex was the record holder, but Giganotosaurus, which was discoverd in 1993, was up to 13.7 meters (about 45 feet) long, so slightly longer then T-rex. A complete skeleton of Giganotosaurus has not been found, but the skulls tell a telling picture. Whilst the head of T-rex is 1,53 meter long, Giganotosaurus has a skull of 1,7 meter. (The second largest carnivorous dinosaur, Cacharodontosaurus, has a skull of 1,6 meter.)
However, Tyrannosaurus Rex might still be the strongest of them all. Giganotosaurus' teeth were smaller, just like its brains, and its body was less robust compeared to Tyrannosaurus. Giganotosaurus lived during the early crateceous in Argentina where it was found near the village El Chocon by an amateur paleontologist.